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I'm a self-taught programmer seeking to obtain experience as a web developer.

Douglas H. Silva



Backend development:

My experience with server-side languages started with PHP, the Apache web server, MySQL/MariaDB and a GNU/Linux distribution. This continues to be my development environment, although I am curious to try other setups.

Frontend development:

JavaScript made me develop an interest for modularity and accessibility. The Node.js modules nav-panel and feed-control were my first npm packages, and both aim to eliminate boilerplate code and to make it easier to conform to the W3C accessibility recommendations.

By the way, the navigation menu in this page uses the nav-panel module.

Languages I speak:

Portuguese, English

Other interests:

Information security, privacy, free software, user interfaces

I'm a Tor Project volunteer! I operate a relay to strenghten the network.

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I work on a variety of free software projects.

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If a Node.js module can be useful beyond the scope of a single project, I publish it as an npm package.

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The projects below were created for demonstration purposes.
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A blog with basic social media features, such as public profiles and a comment system.

To create publications, you may sign in as user visitante and password visitante. You can also create an account yourself, but it will have fewer privileges.
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A remake of the popular Brazilian e-commerce website

To access the administration section, you may sign in as user visitante and password visitante. You can simulate purchases with that account or create a new customer account.
The payments API integration is only partially complete.
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